"I did Russian at university, but when I moved into a Russian-speaking sales role, I was keen to ensure that my Russian was up to scratch. The Russian lessons at LSB were excellent. The content was fully tailored to my requirements and flexible with any new requested that arose. The level of teach was extremely high. I’m only stopping as I am moving into a different role, but the lessons have been a great help and, of course, very enjoyable!"

    Nick, Insurance Industry

    "I was asked to take on a large number of Latin American accounts which meant conversing with Spanish-speaking clients and colleagues. Although I had done GCSE Spanish back in the day, I had pretty much forgotten it all so I signed up with LSB. The one-to-one classes were hugely beneficial as the teacher only focused on you and therefore could tailor the structure of the lessons. After 4 years with LSB I have slowly but surely got to a level where I can make polite conversation in Spanish!"

    Ollie, Insurance Industry

    "I had not studied Spanish for 8 years, but when given short notice for a secondment to Mexico I engaged LSB for some intensive tutoring. Not only did they get me up to speed with my Spanish to a confident level in a very short space of time, they also tailored the sessions to suit the vocabulary and audience I would be speaking with. The service was great and I thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking to learn languages in a short space of time!"

    Andy, Insurance Industry

    "I had lived in Italy for a year, but had never taken Italian lessons. I felt I had a good ear for the language but struggled to speak. After two months of private lessons with LSB, I am now very comfortable having a conversation in Italian. The one-on-one style and personalised approach of the lessons allows for very fast progress, which I found important to maintain the motivation to learn. I would definitely recommend LSB!"

    Louis-Philippe, Financial Industry

    "Although I had studied French at A-level, many years after I was out of practice and lacked confidence in my abilities. I was keen to get a tutor who would focus more on my spoken French to aid in my day-to-day working life. I want to say a huge thank you to LSB for providing me with an outstanding instructor. With her help I am comfortably conversing with my colleagues, both over the phone or via email. I would definitely recommend LSB."

    Temi, Financial Industry

    "As someone who had some Spanish but was out of practice and wanted to use my language skills in my professional life, as soon as I was offered Spanish Language teaching via my company I was delighted. LSB have delivered the good teaching, materials, conversation topics and grammar focus that I was lacking. Areas like the Subjunctive, “Por & Para” and irregular verbs and complex constructions were presented in a way that was clear along with practice and reinforcement. A lot of effort was taken to make much of the material relevant to my job and the teacher went out of his way to provide some material specific to the Commercial P&C Insurance Industry. I would thoroughly endorse LSB in future to anyone looking for Spanish Language teachers at work."

    Peter, Insurance Industry

    "I could not be more thankful to LSB for having provided me with fantastic teachers who helped me becoming fluent in Spanish and Portuguese over the last 4 years. I started with 3 classes of 1.5 hours a week of Spanish for 2 years and I then switched to Portuguese for another 2 years and I simply loved it. The teachers were very friendly and patient. They tailored the classes to my needs and requests and made the classes something I was looking forward to every week. Muchas gracias/ Obrigado to LSB and their team!"

    Pierre, Insurance Industry

    "I can wholeheartedly endorse LSB as a language studies provider. Having attended weekly sessions for a year and a half now I have a competent level of spoken and written German and can hold extended conversations. The lessons were bespoke to my needs and were structured in an extremely accommodating way. The teacher and I worked really well together and progress was quick, implementing skills and vocabulary learned to best fit with my role at my company. I really could not fault the program and would thoroughly recommend it to any prospective language learner. "

    Jack, Insurance Industry

    "I took Spanish lessons from LSB for four months, in which I greatly advanced my communication ability. My Latin American clients were impressed, and I went from simple pleasantries to being able to comprehend everything that was happening in a business meeting in Spanish. The teacher was fantastic and engaging, allowing me to drive the agenda where I wanted while producing value-added activities during lessons and during self-study. I found LSB to be great value for money, and I recommend it as the best way to truly make progress in language studies."

    Andrew, Banking Industry

    "I wanted to recommend the German lessons received with Language Studies for Business Ltd. I found what I always have been looking for in language lessons: a tailor made approach adapting to my requirements and lessons built around my own capabilities. It was obvious to me from the very start, when I did the qualification call with the Director, that the process will be both professional and fulfilling. The lessons perfectly adapted to my needs, namely a lot of speaking/listening practice. Having learned two foreign languages before, I have my own certain ways of learning and the teacher fully accommodated those, resulting in both an efficient and a very pleasant experience. My progress was gradually becoming evident to me, but most importantly to colleagues and clients as well."

    Stan, Financial Industry

    "Some selected employees of our bank took part in a 5 days lasting Business English training. We’ve been totally satisfied with Language Studies for Business Ltd, especially with our teacher. She attached special importance to accent and fluency of speech. There was a good mix between grammar, group tasks and a lot of speaking practice. It has been a pleasure for us to work with this school and we can highly recommend it also because of the price-performance-ratio, which is in our opinion the best in whole London."

    Group, Banking Industry